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Environmental friendly houses – new home in Moldavia

Indien Nomaden mit Kamelen (DW/Cornelia Borrmann)

Saving Rajasthan's Camels

DW Global Ideas | Energy from the Heavens (DW)

Philippines: Energy from the Heavens

The Seaweed Invasion

The Mosquito Factory

Treating trash in the Dominican Republic

Über hunderttausend geteilte Fahrräder stapelten sich in Xiamen (Getty Images/W.Dongming)

The dark side of China's bike-sharing boom

Saving medicinal plants in South Africa

Green Technology
Environmental issues in images
Animated explainers
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Superfood DW (DW)

Is 'superfood' really all that super?

Is climate change making us ill?

Global 3000 - Infofilm Stadt (DW)

Video explainer: Green cities, better climate

Jaenschwalde Braunkohlekraftwerk Symbolbild CO2 (dapd/O. Lang)

Can CO2 be stored?

Why do oceans turn acidic?

How climate-damaging is a climate summit?

Was ist Wald? ( DW)

What is a forest and what is it for?

How to tighten up your home

Human impact
Plastic pollution
Learning packs
Interactive specials
My favorite
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Kasachische Steppe (DW)

The steppe

Afrika Pinguin Brillenpinguin (picture-alliance/dpa/M. Woike)

My favorite: The African penguin

My favorite: The polo pony

Flamingo Deutschland Bayern Chiemsee (Imago)

My favorite: The flamingo

globalideas Teaser – Saiga1_ohne Logo (Axel Warnstedt)

My favorite: The saiga antelope

My favorite: The howler monkey

25.05.2016 DW GLO Favorit Didos (DW)

My favorite: The didos

My favorite: The potato

Special: Into the forest

Global Ideas explainer

At Global Ideas, we focus on "best practice" climate and biodiversity protection projects that offer solutions and inspire others to take action. Each week, an international team of television and online reporters produce films and features that offer an insight into how developing and emerging countries are dealing with the impacts of climate change. Global Ideas is supported by the German environment ministry within the framework of its International Climate Initiative. 


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