Top 6 best and worst April Fool′s pranks | Culture | Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 31.03.2014

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Top 6 best and worst April Fool's pranks

What's the funniest or meanest April Fool's prank you've fallen for? We asked some locals here in Germany to share their April 1 stories. Some of them might just surprise you.

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We have probably all fallen for an April Fool’s prank at some point; whether our family played a joke on us on April 1, or we were convinced by a more elaborate April Fool's hoax by the media.

Some April Fool's pranks have even become quite famous - such as the 1957 BBC clip showing pictures of fake farmers picking spaghettis from trees. Some gullible Brits inquireed as to where they could get their own spaghetti tree.

Not just the media comes up with creative hijinks on the first day of April. DW's Anne-Sophie Brändlin went to the streets of Bonn to find out people's best April Fool's stories - and some of them are even quite shocking.

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