Through the lens | Global Ideas | DW | 07.10.2016
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Global Ideas

Through the lens

If a single picture speaks a thousand words, this collection speaks several thousand. We present a collection of environment and nature related images that caught our eye.

Our reporter Katja Döhne traveled to Belize, which is home to a wild and rich array of biodiversity, to find out what is needed in terms of conservation efforts and how much it costs. She came across numerous birds and animals, including the jaguar.

She also found this anteater, which looked like it was hoping for a hug. The species is renowned for its long tongue that enables it to feast on small insects with relative ease. 


Many tons of dead fish found floating on the surface of Hanoi's West Lake are believed to have been killed by a lack of oxygen. Some specimens have been sent for tests that should reveal how they died, but one theory is that they succumbed to pollution from untreated wastewater that is discharged into the lake from homes, hotels and restaurants along the shore.


Environmental activists occupied a cooling tower at a brown coal power plant in Chvaletice in the north-east Czech Republic. Plans to renovate the 40 year-old site mean it could remain in operation until 2030, a decade longer than the planned phase-out. 


After 10 days of talks, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) conference in Johannesburg concluded with delegates agreeing to find solutions to curb the illegal wildlife trade. CITES chief John Scanlon described the meeting as "a game changer for the planet's most vulnerable wild animals and plants."