The Rometsch Lawrence: A vintage rarity | Drive it! - The Motor Magazine | DW | 20.02.2018
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Drive it!

The Rometsch Lawrence: A vintage rarity

In 1924 Friedrich Rometsch set up shop in Berlin as a custom coachbuilder for well-heeled customers. The Rometsch Lawrence was designer Bert Lawrence’s only car. Today the Rometsch is a coveted and very expensive rarity.

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In 1957 Rometsch promised drivers that they "would like” his new model - the Lawrence, named after its designer, Bert Lawrence. And like it they did. The car's design mirrored the American styling so popular at the time. But underneath its beautiful, two-tone exterior the Lawrence relied on the Beetle's dependable series production technology. Drive It! goes for a spin in this rare, luxury car.