The Rocky Road to an EU Constitution | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 16.02.2005
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The Rocky Road to an EU Constitution

The fate of Europe's first continent-wide constitution will be put to the test in 10 referendums over the next 18 months. The constitution must be ratified by all 25 EU members to come into force, not a easy feat, since it is by no means supported by everyone.

The document will change some ways that the EU operates and centralize additional power in Brussels. Nations will give up some rights regarding the internal market, foreign trade, agriculture, fisheries and the environment. But the constitution will still allow member states their own say in such areas as defense, foreign policy and taxation.

Despite the changes that the constitution could mean for Europe, about a third of all European voters say they still know nothing about it.

Read DW-WORLD's coverage of the upcoming referendums in several EU countries where voters will either approve or reject the document that aims to bring Europe closer together -- perhaps too close for some.

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