The perfect Wiener Schnitzel | Beef and Pork | DW | 25.09.2018
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Beef and Pork

The perfect Wiener Schnitzel

The Viennese restaurant Figlmüller, which has specialized in traditional meat dishes for more than 110 years, reveals its recipe for the perfect coating and best accompaniment for a classic Wiener schnitzel.

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The perfect Wiener schnitzel

The Viennese restaurant Figlmüller has been a specialist in the preparation of the meat classic for more than 110 years and reveals the recipe to Euromaxx.

Wiener Schnitzel

Ingredients for 4 - 6:
2 kg flank of veal
3 eggs
1 pinch of salt
Coarse grain flour 


Carefully clean the flanks of veal with a sharp knife and cut 4 pieces of schnitzel, approx 220g each. Gently pound the meat and salt them on both sides. First put the schnitzel in the flour, then into the beaten egg mixture and finally bread them with breadcrumbs. Heat lard in a pan and bake the schnitzel until golden brown. Drain the baked schnitzel on papertowel and serve with a slice of lemon.

Bon appétit !

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