The Night of the Fall of the Wall | DocFilm | DW | 08.11.2019
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The Night of the Fall of the Wall

Berliners from both East and West tell us about the night of November 9th, 1989, and how they were drawn into the whirlpool of historical events without knowing whether this evening would end well or badly for them.

Watch video 26:05

They were there at that historical moment when people made history: Heike and Hans-Jürgen Legler, who say they were "quite normal GDR citizens"; the Wilke family, the "emigrants," who were already sitting on their packed suitcases waiting to meet friends in West Berlin in just a few days; a student who leaves a party just to see what was going on; a young woman who had to witness the sudden collapse of the country that had been her home; and a civil rights activist whom the border guards let through as one of the first, but then stamped his identity card as "invalid" in order to prevent his return. But they all played a part in something seemingly impossible: By the end of the day, the barriers would be raised and the Berlin Wall would fall.