The latest animation films from around the world | Film | DW | 27.04.2016
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The latest animation films from around the world

Animation films from 50 different countries are being shown in Stuttgart this week. With animated oil paintings and an adult-only movie among them, they break all clichés about the genre.

"Not all animated movies are for children - there is also animation for grown-ups," say the organizers of the Festival of Animated Film, taking place through May 1 in Stuttgart in southern Germany.

Computer animated and handmade animated movies attract millions of adult viewers as well. And yet, animated productions tend to focus more on young audiences. The event, which has become one of the most influential film festivals in Germany, tries to reach out to all age groups.

Germany's state of Baden-Württemberg, of which Stuttgart is the capital, has evolved as an important hub for animation, so it is hardly surprising that Premier Winfried Kretschmann referred to the "leading animation location Baden-Württemberg" in his welcoming speech.

The Film Academy of Baden-Württemberg in the city of Ludwigsburg is a particularly renowned training school in this field. Adding to the importance of that particular location are also numerous private production companies specializing in visual effects, animation and animation software.

Taking these factors into account, it is no coincidence that Stuttgart was chosen as the ideal location for the 23rd Festival of Animated Film, an even that bridges art and business, culture and society.

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