The family as a pillar | Family | DW | 01.03.2013
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The family as a pillar

When she is in Quito, Karen always receives a lot of support from her family. But that’s not the only reason why she wants to have a large family.

Karen and her family.

Karen and her family.

It was a strange feeling to leave my homeland for the first time and be away from my family for a longer period of time. Taking care of myself – and that in Germany – was an unforgettable experience.

While I was in Germany, I wished that my family was there to enjoy it with me. I have a big family. There is never any reason to be bored and you always have someone to talk to.

That’s why I want to have a big family as well, even though the number of large families in Ecuador is decreasing due to the difficult economic situation. Families offer a unique form of support – even more so when it is a large family. In Ecuador, there are lots of families. No matter what the situation is, my family and God are always with me.

Sent by: Karen from Ecuador
Edited by: Jeanette Müller