The 2005/2006 Bundesliga Season | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 07.08.2005
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The 2005/2006 Bundesliga Season

Get all the results of all the season's games.


The winners and losers may seems easy to keep straight for the moment, but as more goals are shot some teams are sure to stumble while others take their place in the limelight.

A handful of the Bundesliga's 18 teams will be scrapping for the top of the table, others for notoriety, and extra cash, that comes with a place in the Champions League and UEFA Cup, and of course there will be those unlucky few who take to the field every week hoping they won't be relegated to the second division next season.

DW-WORLD gives you information about all 34 match days in the 2005/2006 Bundesliga season. August to May all the soccer details you want are right here.

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