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Thailand: Top court to hear case to dissolve reformist party

April 3, 2024

The Move Forward Party won a shocking victory in last year's election, pledging to reform strict royal defamation laws.

A Move Forward Party rally in Thailand in May 2023
Thailand's opposition Move Forward Party campaigned on softening the country's royal defamation lawsImage: Matt Hunt/AA/picture alliance

Thailand's Constitutional Court has accepted a petition from the country's Electoral Commission (EC) to dissolve the opposition Move Forward Party (MFP) due to its campaign promise to soften the Kingdom's tough royal defamation laws.

The MFP shocked the Thai establishment last May when it won the most votes after pledging to reform the military, clamp down on business monopolies and amend Thailand's strict lese-majeste laws.

However, their electoral success ended with the party excluded from a coalition government and then-leader Pita Limjaroenrat blocked from becoming prime minister.

Thai court disqualifies Pita Limjaroenrat from parliament

Judicial interference in Thai democracy

In March, the EC "unanimously" agreed to petition the Constitutional Court to disband the MFP over its royal insult law pledges.

The court said on Wednesday that it will hear the case and has given the MFP 15 days to submit evidence.

Thailand has a history of judicial intervention in politics. In January, a court ruled that the MFP's campaign promises over lese-majeste amounted to an "attempt to overthrow the constitutional monarchy."

In 2020, the MFP's forerunner, the Future Forward Party (FFP), was dissolved over financial issues.

mf/ab (Reuters, AFP)