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Textiles and the circular economy

November 22, 2021

In the world of fast fashion, trends can change on a daily basis. This results in an enormous amount of waste, which seriously impacts the environment. What are the alternatives?

DW Global Ideas Webspecial "Kreislaufwirtschaft" Kategorie Textilien


Germany: Refashioning discarded fabric

Just one percent of the 92 million tons of textiles dumped each year end up being recycled. But with a little creativity, you can make magnificent things out of old fabric. One company in eastern Germany is giving discarded clothes a new lease of life.

Germany: Refashioning discarded fabric


Can mushrooms provide a vegan, green alternative to animal leather? 

An Indonesian startup is just one company making an ecofriendly leatherlike material from fungi. There is optimism that plant-based textiles could make the fashion industry more sustainable.

Indonesia: Mushroom leather fashion