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Teure Grundnahrungsmittel # nahrung15e # 18.01.2013 14 Uhr # Journal # englisch # Business brief

January 18, 2013

One of Berlin's favourite trade fairs is getting underway... The International Green Week is the world's biggest show on food and agriculture, and it's a real draw for Berliners who want to put down their currywursts for a day and try something different... +++LM-REIN+++ Of course the show is also an important business event, with about 1600 exhibitors coming to the city from more than 60 countries. And POLICY is also on the agenda, with the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture running in parallel, +++LM-RAUS+++ including a summit for agriculture ministers from all over the world. One issue on the table will be food prices... After a dip last year they're forecast to rise again in 2013... And there are persistent fears of another food CRISIS like the one that hit five years ago. But what can governments DO to avert that? Tackling climate change is one big issue... But another key debate is whether SPECULATION makes matters worse. Here's more.