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DW Mitarbeiterportrait | Tetyana Klug
Image: Philipp Böll/DW

Tetyana Klug

Ukraine and Eastern Europe, fake news and propaganda

Tetyana Klug works as an author and editor in the fact-checking team and in the video team of the Ukrainian editorial team.

Tetyana Klug was born in Ukraine. She studied English, German and literature in Kyiv, and media and cultural analysis in Dusseldorf. In 2008 she completed the talent workshop "WDR grenzenlos." After internships at WDR and ZDF, she joined DW, where she completed her traineeship in 2011. She then worked in the video team of DW's Ukrainian editorial department.

After the illegal annexation of Crimea by Russia and the outbreak of war in eastern Ukraine in 2014, she developed the fact-check video format for the Ukrainian editorial team. She is a founding member of DW's fact-checking team, and her focus is on the topics of Eastern European politics, fake news and state propaganda.

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