Testing photo editing apps: ″Tadaa″ | Shift | DW | 07.05.2020
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Testing photo editing apps: "Tadaa"

If you want to take pictures with your smartphone and quickly share beautiful results, you need effective image editing tools. DW Digital tests the most popular apps. This week: "Tadaa".

In German we use the word "Tada" or also "Tadaa" when we present something that makes us really proud. An English equivalent would be "voila" or "boom". The developers of "Tadaa" - behind it is a start-up from Hamburg - were certainly pretty proud when they launched their iOS app in 2011 - that's probably where the name comes from. Initially, the app also included a "Tadaa" network where users could share their photos, a counterpart to Instagram.

"Tadaa" is a classic image editing app with filter and effect functions - intuitive to use and clearly structured. The user can crop, adjust sharpness and exposure, set light points or vignettes. Other tools such as "Correct perspective" or "Color offset" are reserved for subscribers.

100 filters are available, 26 of which can be used in the basic version. Controls can be used to adjust the intensity. It is also possible to put several filters on top of each other to achieve even more interesting results.

The large selection of frames is very nice - it gives digital photos an analogue touch.

The app's highlight, however, is the ability to conjure up depth of field in smartphone photos. The masking and bokeh tilt shift functions are the most powerful tools of "Tadaa". With the blurs, the eye can be directed to a specific motif, unwanted image content comes out of focus.

With the tilt shift modes you can choose between linear, round or oval. With the masking effect, additional sharpness is then applied to individual objects. Simply use your finger to mark everything that needs to be in focus.

It's fun to find out how to optimise an average mobile phone photo and experimenting with the masking mode almost feels meditative.

Conclusion: Although some effects are not available in the basic version, "Tadaa" is a good choice for the iPhone or iPad even without a subscription. Especially the sharpness shifts bring great results and turn "Ok photos" into beauties.


Top 3 Pros

- no advertising

- uncomplicated export

- intermediate status versions can be stored


Top 2 Cons

- new filters and some interesting functions are only available to subscription users

- export only possible in low resolution (598KB)


Manufacturer: menschmaschine Publishing GmbH

Price: The basic version is free of charge in the Apple Store. A monthly subscription costs 3.99 €, per year it costs 29.99 €.