Testing photo editing apps: ″Photoshop Express″ | Shift | DW | 08.04.2019
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Testing photo editing apps: "Photoshop Express"

If you want to take pictures with your smartphone and quickly share beautiful photos, you need effective tools for image editing. DW Digital is testing the most popular apps. This week: "Photoshop Express"

“Photoshop Express” is available for Android and iOS - for free. The app offers a wide range of preset filters and tools – it’s basically a stripped down version of manufacturer Adobe’s professional photo editing software. The tools work very accurately, making for fine looking results – in case the original photo is good enough. We especially liked the app’s “Collage” function and the huge amount of text options. With more than 50 million downloads on the Google Playstore, "Photoshop Express" is one of the most popular photo apps worldwide.


Top 3 Pros:

-Intuitive interface

-Tools very accurately

-Wide variety of collage options


Top 3 Cons:

-You need to set up an Adobe-Account to use the app

- Doesn’t support RAW formats

- Additional online storage space rather expensive


Price: Free for Android and iOS

Manufacturer: Adobe