Testing photo editing apps: ″DSLR Camra for iOS″ | Digital Culture | DW | 09.10.2020

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Digital Culture

Testing photo editing apps: "DSLR Camra for iOS"

If you want to take pictures with your smartphone and quickly share beautiful results, you need effective image editing tools. DW Digital tests the most popular apps. This week: "DSLR Camera for iOS".

"DSLR Camera" is a photography application for iPhone, iPad and the Apple Watch. It imitates an DSLR camera with a digital single-lens reflex - hence the name of the app.


"DSLR Camera" serves primarily for taking pictures. The app leaves the manual control of the iPhone cameras to us. In addition to three shooting modes (automatic, manual and program), there is a manual focus, a continuous autofocus that tracks the subject and prevents blurred photos, and face tracking for perfect selfies.

Furthermore, a grid can be displayed, the RAW format can be activated and the image size or resolution can be selected. Flash and white balance can also be controlled manually.

If you like, you can filter the freshly taken photo (the app makes suggestions based on AI) and post it immediately.


In the photo editor, existing photos from the gallery can be edited. With sliders you can control exposure, contrast, color temperature, saturation or sharpness. Tools for cropping and rotating the photos, as well as 184 filters are also available. With the "Blur" function, blur can be built into the images. A great feature is the "Splash" function, which converts photos to black and white and then lets you select which parts of the image should appear in color again.


Plus: Fortunately, "DSLR Camera" does not use in-app purchases or advertising, so you can work with it in a relaxed manner.


Conclusion: If you want to take ambitious pictures but don't own a DSLR camera or don't want to carry it plus lenses around with you all the time, the app is a good alternative for you, because we actually always have our cell phone with us. "DSLR Camera" exploits the full potential of the iPhone cameras and is therefore an investment (0,99 €) that is worthwhile.


Top 2 Pros: 

- many tools, large filter selection

- no advertising


Top 2 Cons: 

- user interface for photography is not immediately accessible to amateurs

- if you want really professional photos, you need time to get used to it


Manufacturer: Fulvio Scichilone

Price: "DSLR Camera" costs 0,99 € in the App Store.