Test it! The Hyundai i20 | Drive it! - The Motor Magazine | DW | 23.01.2013
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Drive it!

Test it! The Hyundai i20

Eager to keep up in the highly competitive small car segment, Hyundai has given its i20 a revamp.

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In addition to some sharper styling, the i20 now has a new, more efficient diesel engine under the hood. The unit was designed and developed at Hyundai's development center at Rüsselheim, in Germany. The 1.1-liter three-cylinder engine delivers 55 kilowatts, and consumes 3.2 liters of gas over 100 kilometers; in everyday driving conditions, however, that figure can quickly rise to 4.5 liters. The little Hyundai scores points with its functional steering wheel, and its automatic headlights and wipers. Just a couple of years ago, features like those would have been unthinkable in a car in this segment.