Teenager accused of dozens of murders arrested in Colombia | News | DW | 04.02.2017
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Teenager accused of dozens of murders arrested in Colombia

A 17-year-old accused of at least 30 murders has been arrested in Colombia. Police in the southwestern city of Cali said the highly dangerous criminal had been picked up after a four-month manhunt.

Colombia authorities on Friday identified the killer by his nickname of "El Frijolito" due to the strict privacy protections for minors.

"El Frijolito" was taken to a juvenile rehabilitation center where he will be until he reaches the age of 18. Then he is set to move to an adult prison.

"The detention follows operations that have been carried out after operations dedicated to combating narcotics and homicide," metropolitan police chief Hugo Casas said, according to local newspaper "El Debate."

The teenager allegedly began killing people around the age of 12 and developed a reputation for ruthlessness as head of a gang of drug traffickers and assassins that terrorized the city.

His latest criminal act was a double homicide at a shopping center in Cali.

An attack in the commercial center of Cali left two dead.

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