Tedros Teclebrhan, Actor and Comedian | Talking Germany | DW | 21.05.2012
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Talking Germany

Tedros Teclebrhan, Actor and Comedian

An actor and comedian, Tedros Teclebrhan first rose to fame through the internet. His video clip featuring a satirical take on the German immigration test got over 15 million hits on YouTube.

Today he has his own television show. Live performances of his stand-up comedy act "Teddy's Show" also play to sold out audiences. Tedros Teclebrhan grew up in the small town of Mössingen, in a region known as Swabia in south-west Germany. His mother fled to Germany from Eritrea in 1984, together with him and his two brothers, to escape the war with neighboring Ethiopia. The family applied for asylum in Germany. He was only 7 months old at the time. Even as a teenager, Tedros felt drawn to the stage. He hosted a number of shows and found he loved to entertain people.

After finishing school, he trained for a job in the textile industry - although he broke off the training before finishing. An aunty then invited him to stay with her in Canada for a few months. It was to be a turning point in his life. He made the decision to become an actor. Returning to Germany he immediately went back to school to gain further qualifications. After that he went to a private drama school in Stuttgart, paying his fees by doing jobs on the side.

Then in May 2011, he posted a comical video-clip on the internet. Within just a few days it had received millions of hits, eventually opening up the way for him to make a career as a comedian.

Today Tedros Teclebrhan lives in Cologne, where production of the first series of his TV program "Teddy's Show" has just been completed.

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