Talking Germany - Manfred Spitzer, Neuroscientist | Talking Germany | DW | 15.12.2014
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Talking Germany

Talking Germany - Manfred Spitzer, Neuroscientist

Manfred Spitzer is one of the best-known brain researchers in Germany. His recent book "Digital Dementia" unleashed a heated debate about the adverse effects of Internet use. On ‘Talking Germany’ Manfred Spitzer discusses why too much screen time is dumbing down society; why he doesn’t watch TV and why it’s worth keeping the brain active as we get older.

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Manfred Spitzer was born in Darmstadt in 1958. He studied medicine, philosophy and psychology in Freiburg, paying his way by performing as a musician. After sojourns in the US and Heidelberg, he was made professor of psychology at the University of Ulm in 1997. A prolific writer, he’s now one of the best-known neuroscientists in Germany. A father of six, he still loves music and plays a range of instruments, including jazz trumpet.