Syrian artists in exile network in Berlin | Arts | DW | 20.10.2016
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Syrian artists in exile network in Berlin

The German cultural institution Goethe-Institut is creating a symbolic temporary space in Berlin to allow Syrian artists to reflect on exile and reflect on post-war perspectives.

"Goethe-Institut Damascus - In Exile" is a temporary art space that opened in Berlin on Thursday. Through November 5, around 100 artists, mostly Syrians, will be taking part in some 50 events dealing with the concepts of homeland, flight and identity.

Filmmakers, authors, publishers, musicians and art curators will present exhibitions, concerts, workshops and public discussions.

The project aims to "allow the voices of artists in exile to be heard," said Johannes Ebert, general secretary of the Goethe-Institut at a press conference on Wednesday. However, he added that  it would remain a temporary two-week project: "The focus of our work is abroad," he explained.

The Goethe-Institut center in Damascus, established in 1955, was one of the first of the German cultural association's institutes worldwide. It had to close in 2012 due to the security situation. 

eg/kbm (epd, dpa)

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