Sven Marquardt, Photographer and Bouncer | guest list | DW | 02.07.2012
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guest list

Sven Marquardt, Photographer and Bouncer

01.07.2012 Talking Germany's host Peter Craven talks with Sven Marquardt about freedom, photography and cemeteries.

He was born in 1962 and grew up in East Berlin. He became a photographer and worked in what was then East Germany for fashion magazines such as Sibylle. He also documented the East Berlin underground scene. He was something of a star, but after German reunification there was little interest in his work in the west. He gave up photography and got a job as a bouncer -- first at a club called Ostgut and then at Berghain. As it became world-renowned, its burly bouncer covered in tattoos and piercings also gained a reputation as an icon of the Berlin scene. Since he took up photography again in 2003, Sven Marquardt has published two books of photos.

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