Sulley Muntari′s suspension reversed after protesting against racial abuse | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 05.05.2017
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Sulley Muntari's suspension reversed after protesting against racial abuse

There was outrage when Sulley Muntari, midfielder for Italian club Pescara, was suspended for walking off the pitch following racist abuse. The Italian football federation has now rescinded the punishment.

Sulley Muntari's one-match ban for walking off the field in response to racist abuse during a Serie A game last weekend has been rescinded.

The Pescara player received a yellow card at Cagliari for protesting about the abuse and was booked again for leaving the field without following procedures. The Ghanaian's two yellow cards amounted to a red and an automatic one-game ban.

It was lifted on Friday, following global protests, by the appeal court of the FIGC (Italian football federation).

"I'm satisfied with the outcome," FIGC President Carlo Tavecchio told national news agency ANSA. "Also because roles and procedures which are guaranteed by our system were respected."

Muntari told referee Daniele Minelli and his assistants several times about the chants from home fans in the final minute of Pescara's 1-0 defeat. The official then showed the former Ghana midfielder a yellow card.

The 32-year-old Muntari was so angry with the booking that he walked off the pitch, leaving his side with 10 men for stoppage time.

mds (AP, AFP)

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