Studentenfutter | Word of the Week | DW | 05.03.2013
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Word of the Week


Need an energy boost?

Nuts and raisins

During the 40 days before Easter, many in Germany choose to fast - anything from Facebook and TV to chocolate, though alcohol is most common following the excesses of Carnival. But those who aren't so disciplined might still be in the market for a quick hangover remedy. So-called Studentenfutter (literally animal feed for students) - a mix of nuts and dried fruit - was first popular among students over 300 years ago when it was believed that almonds could alleviate a hangover. The almonds were accompanied by raisins, and eventually all kinds of dried fruit and nuts were added.

Originally the snack was exclusive to the higher echelons of society since almonds were costly and, in those days, students tended to be from affluent families. These days health professionals give it top billing as not just a hangover fix, but an all-around healthy snack that packs a huge dose of energy. And as far as hangovers go, most students now just take an aspirin.

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