St. Pauli end winless streak with 1-0 victory over Kaiserslautern | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 03.12.2010
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St. Pauli end winless streak with 1-0 victory over Kaiserslautern

An own goal by Kaiserslautern gave Hamburg's St. Pauli their first win after a six-game spell without a win.

St. Pauli's Matthias Lehmann (left) and Kaiserslautern's Ivo Ilicevic

Neither team played particularly well on Friday

It hadn't looked good for St. Pauli, the promoted club from Hamburg. The team has been in a free fall since October with six winless games in a row in the Bundesliga.

The first half of their match on Friday against fellow promoted side Kaiserslautern was marked by a lack of highlights from the evenly matched teams. Both teams struggled on the slippery, snowy pitch in Hamburg, however when they had chances, they failed to capitalize.

Shortly after the break, St. Pauli got on the board when Kaiserslautern's Christian Tiffert inadvertently headed the ball into his own team's goal. The score provided the impetus for both clubs to open up the game more, but St. Pauli held off the visitors to grab three important points.

Both teams now have 17 points, but still remain near the bottom of the table.

Author: Holly Fox (AP, dpa, SID)
Editor: John Kluempers

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