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Spain: the long march of outrage

Fabian ChristAugust 18, 2011

In many European countries young people are rebelling against mass unemployment and the influence of the financial markets on politics. Spain's movement of young protesters, who call themselves the "Indignants" now want to take their protest to EU headquarters in Brussels.

They take their inspiration from the protest camps of the Arab Spring and French resistance fighter Stéphane Hessel's pamphlet, "Indignez-vous!" which calls for citizens to cry out against injustice. They reject policies that they find deeply unjust. Many people in Spain are threatened with unemployment and eviction. Recently the police cleared the Indignados camp on Puerta del Sol Square in Madrid. Having already set out on foot to take their protests to all the regions of Spain, they now plan to march to the headquarters of the European Union in Brussels.