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Spain: Luis Rubiales summoned to appear in court on Friday

September 12, 2023

Soccer player Jenni Hermoso filed a legal complaint against the former Spanish football chief for forcibly kissing her on the lips after the Women's World Cup final.

Luis Rubiales
Rubiales' alleged unsolicited kiss sparked condemnation across the worldImage: RFEF/AFP

Luis Rubiales is set to appear at a Spanish Court on Friday to face a legal complaint for grabbing and kissing football forward Jenni Hermoso on the lips.

Rubiales resigned from his position as the president of the Spanish football federation on Sunday following weeks of severe criticism.

Rubiales forcibly kissed Hermoso on August 20 after Spain's World Cup final win, sparking condemnation in Spain and across the world.

Hermoso filed a legal complaint against him last week, after issuing a statement saying the kiss was unwanted.

She said the kiss had left her feeling "vulnerable and like the victim of an assault" in the statement. She said there was "no type of consent" on her part.

Why did it take Rubiales so long to step down?

Rubiales had previously apologized for the kiss, but said it was mutual. The Spaniard also stepped down as vice president of European football body UEFA.

Rubiales was provisionally suspended by FIFA, football's governing body, for 90 days. An investigation is ongoing which could see his suspension extended.

Several Spanish government ministers, who had supported Hermoso, have celebrated his resignation.

"The feminist country is advancing faster and faster," Spain's acting Labour Minister Yolanda Diaz posted on X, the media platform formerly known as Twitter.

rm/nm (AFP, EFE)