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Joe Natta
Image: privat

Soundtrack to the crisis

Antje Binder, Philipp Barth / kbm
April 29, 2013

He knows he can't change the world with his music - but that doesn't stop Italy's Joe Natta from making it.


Joe Natta is a singer-songwriter from the Italian genre known as musica demenziale - literally, "demented" or "crazy" music. He entertains his audiences with funny songs and humorous videos.

For his song "La crisi" he made an exception, he says, and took a more serious tone.

"La crisi" can't do much, the singer explains, except perhaps offer the listener a tiny bit of hope. And hope is crucial right now in Italy. Young Italians are unleashing their anger over the rising cost of living and gas prices via Twitter and Facebook.

But Natta isn't a fan of virtual protests because it means that people no longer take to the streets and because of that, nothing will change - and many people will be left without any more money at the end of the month.

"Today it's almost impossible to build up your assets as a young person," says Natta.

"La crisi" (The crisis)

Crisis above us
Crisis below us
Crisis to the left
Crisis to the right

Those who don't jump, are the crisis
There's still a crisis when I'm washing my groin

Crisis in the banks
Crisis on the boats
Crisis in the financial world
Crisis on the job market

The beginning of the crisis
The end of the crisis

They say Italy is finished, but then it gets up again
But only if someone pulls the chair

Out from under our rears
And then someone needs to slowly slowly pull out that nice comfortable armchair From under the politicians rears too

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