Sony BMG Recalls Copy-Protected CDs | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 16.11.2005
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Sony BMG Recalls Copy-Protected CDs

Sony BMG has backpedaled over its controversial copy protection software XCP. The German-Japanese music giant said it would pull all unsold CDs with XCP out of shops and offer users a program to take it off their PCs.


The company is prepared to swap millions of CDs

"We share the concerns of consumers regarding discs with XCP content-protected software, and, for this reason, we are instituting a consumer exchange program and removing all unsold CDs with this software from retail outlets," Sony BMG said in a statement on Wednesday.

The company said it would develop a program for users to remove the software from their computers, though it gave no date for its availability.

The previous day, Microsoft deemed the software a security risk and said it would rewrite its anti-virus program so it would remove XCP software from Windows computers.

XCP automatically installs itself when a CD with the protection system is played on PCs running Microsoft Windows operating systems, and acts like virus software, hiding deep inside a computer.

However, it also creates security holes that malicious hackers can take advantage of to infiltrate computers. Macintosh computers and normal CD and DVD players are unaffected by the software.

So far Sony BMG CDs with XCP have only been for sale in the United States. But last week, the company announced they would also incorporate the software into CDs sold in Europe.

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