Snapshot - The nursery school teacher | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 06.07.2010
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Snapshot - The nursery school teacher

We asked Sabine Glinke to answer a set of questions about her favorite food, pastimes and routines.

Sabine Glinke

Name: Sabine Glinke

Age: 30

Place of Birth: Bielefeld

Family Status: Married

Children: 2 children (twins)

Job: Nursery school teacher with special training in therapeutic pedagogy

Education: Vocational diploma

How do I start the day?
I get up, get breakfast ready, dress the children, catch the bus to work.

What's a typically German?
Bureaucracy: Application forms and running around to get things done

What is typical of me?
Always being surrounded by children. First my brothers and sisters, now in my job

My biggest strength is:
calmness, patience

My biggest weakness is:

What do I do in my spare time?
Swim, hang out with my children

My favorite food:
Chinese fried noodles and chicken

What music do I listen to?
At the moment, children's songs

What would I like more time for?
For the housework and my family

How do I feel about the future?
I tend not to think about it much

My philosophy is…
If you think positively, everything's possible

Author: Mehmet Smajic (jp)
Editor: Rina Goldenberg