Slovakian election overshadowed by journalist′s murder | News | DW | 29.02.2020
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Slovakian election overshadowed by journalist's murder

Slovakian voters are widely expected to remove the center-left Smer party in Saturday's election. The election has been overshadowed by corruption allegations and the 2018 murder of a journalist.

Slovakians went to the polls on Saturday in an election that may oust the center-left Smer party that has dominated the political landscape for more than a decade.

The election has been defined by anger over alleged corruption at high levels, leading to the rapid rise of the anti-corruption movement Ordinary People (OLANO).

Opinion polls indicate there is a chance OLANO may aim to form a center-right coalition with smaller conservative and liberal parties.

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"We can get rid of the government that used its power to make itself and connected people rich," said OLANO leader Igor Matovic.

"Poor people were paying for that, sick people were dying unnecessarily, and young people were leaving Slovakia. Let's turn that around."

Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini of the Smer party currently leads a three-party coalition.

Case of murdered journalist haunts election

The political shift of the EU member began following the 2018 murder of journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancee.

Kuciak reported on high-level corruption within the Slovakian government before being murdered in a "gang-land" attack.

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An investigation unearthed communications between a businessman —  now on trial for ordering the hit — and politicians and judicial officials. He has denied the charges.

The controversy following Kuciak's murder is expected to have an impact on election results, which are expected on Sunday.

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Slovakia: A journalist murder and the Kocner brothers

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