Singing: The Price Merkel Pays for the Chancellery | Current Affairs | DW | 12.12.2006
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Current Affairs

Singing: The Price Merkel Pays for the Chancellery

Angela Merkel has noticed there are some trade-offs you have to be willing to make when you become the country's most powerful person: not having many chances to belt out Christmas carols is one of them.

It's so hard to keep the song inside

It's so hard to keep the song inside

Certainly too busy with international visits and turning around the German economy after taking office just months before last Christmas, Merkel's second yuletide in the chancellery seems to be proving more of a emotional challenge than the first.

Though some accuse her of talking too much, the chancellor said she misses having the opportunity to stretch her vocal cords.

BdT Sternsinger bei Angela Merkel

Merkel receives carolers every year but rarely has a chance to sing along

The daughter of a Protestant preacher, Merkel used to sing in the church choir and happily serenaded her way through Advent with rendering versions of "Stille Nacht" and "Oh Tannenbaum" but now said she has to satisfy herself with a bit of humming and sotto voce singing at the kitchen sink.

"To be honest, I sometimes miss singing myself," she said during an interview on German public broadcaster ARD, adding that she only gets a chance to croon when peeling potatoes and washing up the dishes. "But it's more fun when you can do it together with other people."

But the emotional release that comes with a few choruses will have to fight with exercise for the chancellor's free time.

"I could also do more sport," she said. "I'm not the best at that."

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