′Sensational′ quadruplets poised to leave Munich clinic | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 01.11.2014
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'Sensational' quadruplets poised to leave Munich clinic

The birth of quadruplets is exceptional, but when there are two sets of identical twins, it's even rarer. That's what happened in Munich in August, and now the infants are ready to leave the hospital.

The four babies, two boys and two girls, were born three months premature and Munich's Harlaching clinic in August.

Despite the risky procedure (33 physicians and nurses took part), there were no severe complications during the birth of Raya, Danya, Ali and Khalid (pictured).

There was, however, something that made these births even more exceptional than they normally would be. Ali and Khalid are identical twins, and so are Raya and Danya.

"Truly a sensation," said clinic pediatric head Birgit Fritz, adding: "This will most likely be the only time we see this in our career."

The proud parents, who come from Abu Dhabi, will be able to take their four infants home in mid-November, following a routine three-month observation period for premature births.

glb/ksb (DPA)