Send us a picture of an architectural eyesore! | Arts.21 - The Culture Magazine | DW | 30.08.2013
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Send us a picture of an architectural eyesore!

Follow architecture critic Turit Fröbe’s lead and photograph truly awful architecture. With a bit of luck, your picture might be shown on Arts.21!

Let’s be honest: Not every building is a thing of beauty. Some lack style; others are misshapen or made of the wrong materials. The result is an architectural eyesore. Most people can only shake their heads at these botched buildings, but not Turit Fröbe. The Berlin-based architecture critic loves architectural transgressions. She feels they demonstrate courage and make an edifice unmistakably unique. On her many trips through Germany she’s discovered countless examples: tastelessly renovated single family homes, diametrically different duplexes and shamelessly showy shopping centers. Fröbe has included her favorite examples in her new book “Die Kunst der Bausünden” (“The Art of Architectural Eyesores”).

The book depicts architectural transgressions in Berlin, Pforzheim, Bielefeld, Karlsruhe and Braunschweig. Is your town or city not included? Just grab your camera and take a snapshot – preferably in landscape format -- of a structure you consider to be an architectural eyesore. Include a note about where this questionable example of architecture is to be found, and why it pleases or annoys you. Then send your photo to

We’ll present the best photos on Arts.21 and in the picture gallery on our website

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