Season 3: Facing the future | LBE: Crossroads Generation | DW | 01.12.2014
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Crossroads Generation

Season 3: Facing the future

Mercy and her friends are now at University and try to find their ways towards the best possible future.

Three years have passed and Mercy and Trudy are now studying journalism at university. Their friendship is put to the test after Mercy confided in Trudy and she turns around to use that sensitive information for a newspaper article. Not only did Trudy betray Mercy’s trust, her actions also end up putting Mercy’s family in danger – with Trudy paying a high price for what she did.

Their new friend, Tina, is leading a double life. She has a job alongside her studies that she keeps a secret initially. But after a while she lets her friends know and together they find the courage to stand up to Tina’s criminal boss and show him the red card.

Dan comes back to Kisimba to see Mercy and attempt to establish a relationship with their three-year-old daughter, Linda. Mercy rejects him because on top of the trouble with Trudy, she has to somehow find a way to succeed as a student mother – and her relationship with Niki also demands attention. Dan decides to remain in Kisimba anyway and finds a way to make money while protecting the environment. He even adds a partner to his green business – Mrs. Jumbe, the mother of his former rival, Niki! Together they also try to sabotage Niki and Mercy’s happiness. And there are other problems on the horizon when the young couple learns that Niki is seriously ill. Will the two still be able to build a future together?

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