School Reopens Classrooms After Shooting | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 25.08.2005
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School Reopens Classrooms After Shooting

A high school in the east German city of Erfurt on Thursday reopened the classrooms where a former pupil shot and killed 16 people, more than three years after the massacre. Students and teachers unveiled a memorial to the 12 teachers, two students, secretary and a policeman who died when 19-year-old Robert Steinhäuser went on a rampage that ended when he turned the gun on himself. The Gutenberg school, an Art Nouveau building that has been completely renovated since the bloodbath, has become a "symbol of the will of the community to re-affirm ourselves," said Harald Döring, who heads the association which has overseen the 10-million-euro ($12.3-million) re-development of the school. It reopened its doors for the first time on April 26, three years to the day after the shooting, for a memorial ceremony but the school's 600 students have until now been based in temporary premises.

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