Schnitzeljagd | Word of the Week | DW | 22.10.2013
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Word of the Week


Hunting down a schnitzel isn't easy...

Have you ever been on a Schnitzeljagd? Contrary to what the literal translation of Schnitzel (a crumbed cutlet) and Jagd (hunt) might suggest, you aren't chasing after a juicy piece of meat. Instead, you are on the lookout for hints or clues.

Usually those clues come on a piece of paper. And that's where the German word for scavenger hunt originates from: the trail of Papierschnitzel (scraps of paper) leading the group to some sort of treasure. And who says that treasure can't be a Schnitzel?

But as GPS-based geocache hunting becomes more and more popular, there's no need for paper Schnitzel to go on a proper Schnitzeljagd.

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