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Word of the Week

Amanda Böhm / nm August 27, 2013

Did someone say fancy-schmancy?

A stylish brunette woman in a polka dot dress (Copyright: ©Fotolia/ © Yurok Aleksandrovich)
A stylish brunette woman in a polka dot dress (Copyright: ©Fotolia/ © Yurok Aleksandrovich)Image: Fotolia/Yurok Aleksandrovich

It's not hard to spot a Schickimicki. Her nails are perfectly painted, her hair is stylishly coifed, a very expensive chain hangs from her neck, and her hands clasp a glass of the finest champagne.

Schickimickis always wear the most fashionable and expensive clothes, eat the best gourmet food, and can be found at almost any celebrity party. They often think they're important, but more often than not, they are the subject of ridicule.

It's not exactly clear where this mocking, onomatopoeic word originates. Either It comes from the Italian sciccheria, or the French word chic - both of which mean elegant - or from the Yiddish word schickern, which means to be drunk. One thing is certain though: When confronted with a Schickimicki, it's safer to flee. Otherwise you might find yourself years down the track having to drink enough champagne to survive the Schickimicki parties in Ibiza.

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