Sarah Fischer, Globetrotter | Talking Germany | DW | 11.03.2013
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Talking Germany

Sarah Fischer, Globetrotter

In her current book, “Heimatroulette”, Munich photographer Sarah Fisher describes her search for her own roots. She was adopted by a German couple as baby.

In Talking Germany, she describes her journey to 160 countries. Although she did not find her birth mother on her travels, in Mongolia she did find a new spiritual home.

Sarah Fischer was born in the city of Trossingen in southwestern Germany. Shortly after her birth, she was adopted by a German couple. Much later, she found out through genetic testing that her mother came from the Philippines. Fisher grew up in Freiburg. After graduating from high school, she moved to Munich in 1994. She began studying music, but later switched to a degree program as a foreign-language secretary, although she never worked in the field. Instead, she took positions at an ad agency, and also worked as a marketing manager. Later, she worked for Virgin Records and for MTV. In 2005, she became a freelance photographer and embarked on a voyage around the world, which she financed by offering multimedia lectures. She ended up specializing in Mongolia, where she found a new spiritual home.

Fisher met her husband a year and a half ago at the Oktoberfest, and had her first child at the age of forty last year.

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