Sand on your skin with your ears tuned in | 60 Years | DW | 11.06.2013
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60 Years

Sand on your skin with your ears tuned in

In Iran in the 1970s, radio broadcasts from Germany brought the world to Edith in the desert. A good 40 years later the German Edith is still connected with DW but now she is online and in Japan.

Edith in front of the “Thousand Torii Gates” – a famous ascent to a shrine in Kyoto.

Edith in front of the “Thousand Torii Gates” – a famous ascent to a shrine in Kyoto.

What! You’re already 60 years old! That’s hard to believe! Congragulations! You’re almost as old as me – there’s only a little more than a year between us.

DW has been part of my life for almost 40 years. When I first heard of DW I was living in a remote part of southeastern Iran called Sistan in a small city in the desert. It took a long time to get there. It was a two-hour flight from Tehran to the city of Zahedan. After that it was another four hours in a Jeep across the rocky desert to an even smaller city called Zabol. The route from Zahedan to Zabol crossed a romantic desert landscape with long, flat stretches of road. Sometimes I would see camels and every now and then a caravan would pass by. There were also sandstorms where the fine, salty sand penetrated to the skin.

During the long evening hours after work the radio was my most important connection to the world. To my joy and surprise I discovered DW’s shortwave broadcast. From then on my ears were glued to the radio. I couldn’t get enough of the news reports, documentaries, radio dramas, discussion panels and listener response shows. I was so interested that I had some broadcast manuscripts sent to me. My comments on broadcasts were even read many times on the air. I also enjoyed reading the magazine dedicated to listeners.

For many years I received a really nice DW calendar with pictures of Germany in ever changing settings and detailed descriptions. I would show it off to my friends and guests.
I also received many nice gifts from DW for my birthday.

I now live in Japan and “experience” DW online. With DW I am staying smart and always up to date.

Much success for the future to my dear DW!

Sent by: Edith from Japan
Edited by: Kerstin Boljahn