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Russia accuses Ukraine of drone attack in Moscow

July 24, 2023

Russia, which has been waging a war against Ukraine for 17 months, accused its neighbor of launching a "terrorist" attack. Two buildings, including one not far from the Defense Ministry, were reportedly hit in Moscow.

The damaged roof of a building hit by one of the drones in Moscow
Numerous drones have made their way into Moscow's airspace in recent monthsImage: Valery Sharifulin/TASS/dpa/picture alliance

The Russian Defense Ministry said on Monday morning that it had thwarted a Ukrainian drone attack on Moscow.

The ministry said that two Ukrainian drones were intercepted and destroyed during the operation.

"A Kyiv regime attempt to carry out a terrorist act using two drones on objects on the territory of the city of Moscow was stopped," Russia's Defense Ministry said.

"Two Ukrainian drones were suppressed and crashed. There are no casualties," it added.

According to reports from the TASS news agency, one of the drones fell on Komsomolsky Prospekt — close to Russia's Defense Ministry — while the other struck a business center located on Likhacheva Street near one of Moscow's main ring roads.

Reports of recent attacks in Russia

There have been several reports of Ukrainian drone attacks on targets within Russia over previous months, but Kyiv has not claimed responsibility. At the same time, Russia has unleashed hundreds of drone and missile strikes on Ukrainian cities.

According to Russia's Defense Ministry, drones had already been shot down over the capital at the beginning of July. Russian authorities had also said houses were damaged and people were wounded in a drone attack on Moscow at the end of May.

President Vladimir Putin has called for improving the country's air defense as several attacks have been reported for weeks in Russia, mainly in regions near the borders with Ukraine.

ss/ab (AFP, dpa, Reuters, AP)