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Rodrigo Menegat Schuinski

A reporter working in DW’s data journalism unit, using numbers to illuminate subjects ranging from the global crisis in democracy to inequality.

Rodrigo’s work consists of combing through numbers to offer readers a broader view over the news. By combining statistical knowledge and a reporter’s instincts, he aims to write stories that clarify complex issues.

For DW, he reported on subjects such as a sexist bias on Google’s image search results, the scope of the threat posed by irregular dams in Brazil and inequalities in international football. 

Rodrigo studied data journalism at Columbia University’s Lede Program, a certification course that trains reporters in statistics and data analysis – the core skills that power his reporting today. 

Before joining DW’s Data Team, he wrote for two of the major newspapers of his home-country Brazil: Folha de S.Paulo and Estadão. There, he covered events such as the 2016 Olympics, the 2018 Brazilian general elections and the 2020 Covid-19 crisis.

He also works as a teacher and trainer, promoting the use of quantitative methods alongside traditional reporting to achieve a higher standard of transparency and objectivity in journalism. 

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