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REV — The Global Auto and Mobility Show

New thinking and technology are revolutionizing our cars, our cities, our way of life. Rev doesn’t just want to know how fast we get from A to B, but how we get there as well.

The world of cars and mobility is in flux. Rev casts a critical eye on new cars and examines climate-friendly solutions, looks into unusual new ideas and visions of the future. Take a spin through new possibilities every week with REV.

Rev takes viewers on a lively, informative and surprising ride through the global trends in cars and mobility. We check out the smallest new vehicles and luxury SUVs, electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids to hydrogen fuel and conventional internal combustion engines. Find out who passes the Rev Check and wins the Rev Challenge. What do Rev Car Lovers Vaishali und Ronny really think about new and classic models?

We are living through a REVolution in mobility caused by new thinking and technology that is disrupting our century-old automotive and transport systems. Rev shows viewers what mobility technology is around the corner (Future Now) and what is being done to reduce the environmental impact (Green Mobility).

Rev also gets personal with The Driver, a series on taxi drivers around the world and The Garage, a docu-soap about German-Turkish mechanics in Berlin. If that’s not enough, Rev delves into the car’s place in pop culture with Soundtrack.

Entertaining, quirky and with a critical eye, Rev helps you keep up with a world in motion.

Every week in English, German, Arabic and Spanish on DW and partner networks, from January 2020.

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