Recycling in Bali | Global Ideas | DW | 08.02.2011
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Global Ideas

Recycling in Bali

In a Balinese village locals have set up a plant to compost trash, allowing them to earn money.

Project goal: Environmentally-friendly waste treatment
Project scale: 100 staff process 60 tons of waste every day
Project investment: $600,000 was spent on the pilot facility

The scenic Indonesian island of Bali has a serious trash problem: It lacks any organized waste disposal system. Vast landfills are not only an increasing blot on the once pristine landscape – they also emit environmentally damaging methane. In the village of Temesi, locals are taking matters into their own hands and have set up a recycling plant to tackle the mounds of trash. Every day sees over 100 people turn 60 tons of waste into compost, which they then sell to finance the facility. The pioneering pilot project is a role model for others in the region.

A film by Manuel Özcerkes