Recommended - Three Tips for a Trip to Nuremberg | Recommended | DW | 25.07.2010
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Recommended - Three Tips for a Trip to Nuremberg

Nuremberg has an array of locations to tempt any visitor. Johannes Volkmann showed Discover Germany three of his favourite places that typify life in the city. See for yourself!

Johannes Volkmann in the Galerie Bernsteinzimmer

Johannes Volkmann in the Galerie Bernsteinzimmer

On the border of the historic old town lies a real gem, tucked away on one of the most beautiful squares in town. It's the Wanderer Café. The second recommendation lies on the outskirts of Nuremberg. It's Knoblauchsland (or Garlic Country), the largest contiguous vegetable plantation in Germany. You can get there easily from the city center using public transport. And there's the Almoshof Castle. The patrician villa from the 17th century lies like a shady oasis between the fields. Original Frankonian beer is served in the garden. For the final act, the third recommendation is the Bernsteinzimmer, a project gallery and an unusual art venue. Because here there aren't just exhibits. There are also concerts, readings and radio broadcasts. Visitors are especially welcome. Right next door, and typical of Nuremberg, is the idyllic terrace with a view of the Pegnitz. See more on video on demand!

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