Recommended – Thimo Hennig, television presenter and actor | Recommended | DW | 19.03.2008
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Recommended – Thimo Hennig, television presenter and actor

Federal State Thuringia


Weimar is considered the capital of German Classicism, and that is why our recommendation for what is known as the Classic Road comes from this city. 28-year-old Thimo Hennig has close links to his home town. Together with some friends, he operates a web portal for Weimar,, and he’s a presenter on local television. But first and foremost, he is active as an actor in Weimar’s Youth Theatre. Thimo Hennig shows us what he considers the loveliest spots in and around Weimar. Here are his three recommendations:

If you want to enjoy Weimar’s charm to the fullest, Thimo Hennig recommends a simple stroll through the narrow alleyways of the city center with their half-timbered houses. He likes Windischenstrasse best, not least because it’s home to the Ostshop, whose name translates literally as East Shop. It specializes in memorabilia of the former East Germany that have long disappeared from daily life in eastern Germany, objects many people still miss.

Belvedere Palace provides the most beautiful view of Weimar and the Thuringian forest. It was the summer residence of the dukes of Weimar. Goethe shared his love of plants with his friend and admirer, Duke Carl August of Weimar. They met regularly here, wandered through the park, observing the flora, and studied plants themselves in a small laboratory specially set up in the spacious orangery.

The C. Keller combines creativity and good food under one roof. It’s an event venue, gallery, restaurant and meeting place. This is where Thimo Hennig likes to end his week.

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