Rashin Rejaei from Iran | strangers | DW | 25.04.2013
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Rashin Rejaei from Iran

“Not many people understood me back then: You left your job, your family, your country – for a man? How could you do that – and why? Looking back today I also think it sounds pretty incredible.”

25.04.2013 DW Im Focus Wildfremd Rashin 1

25.04.2013 DW Im Focus Wildfremd Rashin 1

Rashin was born in Rasht on the Caspian Sea coast. After attending university, she was just 23 when she moved to Teheran on her own. There she worked as a bilingual secretary for a French oil company. During a visit to Berlin she fell in love and, at the age of 30, moved to the German capital to marry Thomas, a student. She quickly picked up the German language, but in the beginning she had no work and felt lonely. And then something changed her life completely…