Raising eco awareness | Global Ideas | DW | 12.04.2011
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Global Ideas

Raising eco awareness

A singer, an imam, a bishop - as "Climate Champions" they're raising climate awareness in Uganda.

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Climate Champions in Uganda

Project goal: Training dedicated young people to engage in climate protection projects
Project scale: 2,000 people have been appointed Climate Champions in 60 countries
Project investment: 2.7 million euros ($3.89 million) for 2010/11
Duration: The project began in April 2008

Uganda is one of the most fertile countries in Africa. So why are harvests getting worse every year? Partly, because dry seasons are lasting longer. For years, Ugandans have been feeling the effects of extreme dry weather but have continued ruthlessly exploiting the country's natural resources. The Climate Champion initiative introduced by the "British Council" aims to raise awareness of climate issues and encourage individuals to contribute to its protection. We meet some of them: a singer, an imam and a bishop – all respected public figures in Uganda and role models to the nation.

A film by Manuel Oezcerkes

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