- A musical time machine | Music | DW | 06.05.2016
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Music - A musical time machine

Let yourself get carried away by a beautiful musical collection which takes you on a journey around the world through different decades.

The concept behind the website is simple. A world map on the startpage with a time selector below. The users can choose a decade anytime from 1900 until today. They can then start their own discovery tour through the history of music.

Once they have chosen a particular decade, they can listen to all kinds of music from all over the world, like Bossa Nova from Brazil in the 60s, Russian pop music from the 20s or contemporary music from Canada. is a real treasure for all music fans who love traveling into other eras.

The project was invented by Benjamin Moreau while sitting in the new French sportscar of his Dad. He was sliding onto the red leather seats, gently stroking the steering wheel and playing around with the car radio. And there he was suddenly awakened from his nostalgia by technobeats, giving rise to the idea of musical voyages through time.

Heaven for music lovers started out as an Indigogo project. Indigogo is a crowdfunding platform where start-ups, artists, small-scale businessmen and communities can present creative projects in order to get donations to help get them started. Quite often, the projects hand out something in return, like a CD or a film. Once the necessary amount of money has been reached, the users help realize the project.

Benjamin Moreau realized this project together with friends - all Djs and music lovers. A few years earlier, they had tried to define a musical identity for the trendy Paris club "Le Baron." Back then, they had collected a sizable musical library consisting of all kinds of different genres from many different countries.

A different kind of radio

A radio can be regarded as quite the opposite of interactive media. There is no choice, and no search. The listeners are at the mercy of radio producers. The only choice they have is to switch to another station. That's precisely what radio fans love about it. They can relax while being taken through the world of music in several decades.

By contrast, the users of can become a bit more interactive if that's what they want to. They can choose between slow and fast music. Furthermore, this world map contains some locations that obviously hadn't been discovered so far. "Neverland" is the musical island for young children and teenagers. "Lazyland" is the top choice for those who are too lazy to make their own discoveries. "Fornication Island" is the last resort for those who are desperately looking for romantic music five minutes before their dates. All new entries can be found on the "Discovery Islands."

In the people can upload songs and thereby enlargen the musical library. By now, quite a few music lovers from all over the world have joined the network. Benjamin Moreau puts it like this: "It's easier to present music from older days to a 65-year old man from Kazakhstan, than for a Frenchman in his 30s." The users can share, like, post and/or buy the songs.

This article was produced during a journey around the world passing through Equatorial Guinea, Argentina, Mexico, Jamaica, Cuba, Spain, France, Angola, Germany, Taiwan, India, Iran, Fornication Island and Neverland - that is to say, just a musical journey, of course.

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